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My name is Kellen Lim. I'm the business owner and freelance videographer of Twin Giants Media. Hailing from the beautiful Mendocino Coast ranges of Northern California, I'm a passionate filmmaker with a love of beautiful imagery and great storytelling.San Francisco State University where I earned a BA in film production, I developed an eye for striking visuals and great storytelling.


My clients and partners include:

-- Anderson Valley Winegrower's Association

-- Mendocino Film Festival

-- Mendocino Coast Chamber of Commerce

-- Anderson Valley Health Center

Two of my short films, “Spring in the Valley ” and Anderson Valley: A Coastal Affair with Wine," are official selections at the Mendocino Film Festival in 2019 and 2024.

What is
Twin Giants Media?

Growth  |  Collaboration  |  Empowerment

Twin Giants Media is the brand name for my work as a freelancer. It offers video and photographic services with an high attention to quality and excellence.


The name refers to two giant redwood trees of my childhood. Majestic and growing in harmony with each other They left an impression in me the value of growth, harmony, collaboration, and resilience.

Twin Giants canopy, Mist.jpg
Kellen Walking on Greenwood Bridge.jpg


PO Box 506,

Philo, CA, 95463

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